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Applying ‘exhausting opponents’ energy, while conserving yours’

October 3, 2010

Grappling a yoked, 230 pound former collegiate wrestler yesterday gave me a not so gentle reminder of the difference between theory and practice. ;o)

He went hard and explosive from the start of our roll, so I decided to let him exhaust himself… 

…5 minutes…15…20…25…

… can you guess who got exhausted first?

I decided after that if a person is exploding and expending a lot of energy, but I’m not sure where their gas tank is at, 5 minutes a good time frame to test their cardio before hunting for the finish.

Once in submission mode, watch for tendencies, and don’t necessarily jump at the first opportunity.  I think 3 is a good number in prioritizing patience. 

Also, it’s good to go directly after an explosion, hopefully catching a mental lull.

Once in the submission, commit to the movement while watching how they may or may not counter.  Obviously, this is going to be easier if the finish or series you attempt is drilled into muscle memory.

My parting thought is to insist, but never force.  Show up for the art.