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The Pursuit of Information

June 29, 2013

One way to think about seeking understanding is the information acquiring process:

A large chunk of getting better is gathering information as intelligently as possible based on our individual wants and needs.

To illustrate, how many people either write off or worship everything Eddie Bravo does because he’s Eddie Bravo?

If you can’t find something to use, that’s cool, but give me good reason why it’s of no use.


Circles of Energy and Context

June 27, 2013

An interesting thing my coach says is he doesn’t like BJJ comparisons to chess, because BJJ is a about managing direct, real-time circles of energy.

While I don’t understand the above idea as deeply as my coach, a common error I see in people’s thinking is that BJJ is something you ‘do’ to some one as opposed to using energy they give you.

For example, repetitions are crucial in my opinion, but they are a tool serving deeper understanding of the mechanics of a given approach.

If you don’t understand the context of things, you might as well be scrawling a sentence over and over on a blackboard:

Seek contextual understanding, Seek contextual understanding, Seek contextual understanding, Seek contextual understanding…

Relevance of Approach

June 18, 2013

How you approach training goes a long way in determining the quality of information extracted from each session.

Case in point:

Are you battling the individual in front of you or using sparring to gain a deeper understanding of Jiu-Jitsu?

Making a Science of Sparring

June 16, 2013

Spar so technically it’s like drilling.

And, while you’re at it, bring the inherent heat of sparring to drilling.

Mentally there should be no difference between the two. Make the game like practice, and practice like the game.

What Can I Do To Get Better?

June 11, 2013

How skillfully and precisely a coach can answer this question is telling.

I’m assuming you love BJJ, so not going to insult your intelligence by patting you on the back. You’re paying me for relevant, workable information.

Perception and Plateaus

June 8, 2013

Question: Do you believe plateaus are real, or are they perceived based on some arbitrary set of goals? This begs the converse question – are times of skyrocketing skill also real, or also just a problem of perception?

Answer: Great questions like these beg multiple answers!

First off, skill, real skill you can feel from the inside out is developed at a snails pace. People do everything they can to find shortcuts, effectively undermining everything they do until they accept the fact that mastery is a life-long road.

And, if you’re enjoying yourself, why rush or constantly evaluate?

Goals are naturally going to be there, but I feel a fundamental misunderstanding in the self-help/positive psychology field I see creeping into BJJ coaching is reverse-engineering processes that are organic, and feed on people being open and present.

Why a 5 year plan in an infinite sea of possibility?

Video: Rickson training with Rolls!

June 7, 2013

Wow, thought I’d seen all the great old school Rickson underground training there was to see, let alone Rolls footage (could definitely see his wrestling skill I’d read so much about). Couldn’t believe this gem was still out there away from public eye until now:

The Natural Unknown

June 7, 2013

The thing about an idea that comes along and changes everything is you never know where it’s going to come from.

My experience is evolution pulls us in its direction to the degree we’re open to it.

We stifle the preceding process to the degree we become attatched to ideas we have both about ourselves and our subject matter.

The unknown is the most natural thing there is.

Focus when not putting in the time

June 5, 2013

When devoting more time to other interests, and less on BJJ I study defense. Why? Because pound for pound this area pays back the highest dividends through keeping you in a roll.

Still, my game will suffer some as a whole. There are opportunity costs to everything and no such thing as a shortcut. You have to weigh your passions and make the best decisions possible. The smarter you can do this the more you can still grow everything to some degree.

An Open Mind

June 3, 2013

Understanding is limitless. Assume you know nothing.