Principles: Anchoring

June 6, 2019

There should be a point of connection in every position where we anchor ourselves to our opponent in so we can feel and respond to their movement accordingly.

A lot of times this will be a squeezing of the knees.  Or from a more dominant position, it may be an allocation of body-weight on a specific surface area.

The key is that while the anchoring is direct, and often tight, the intent is to feel your opponents movement and inhibit it to a degree with friction.  

We are not trying to stop movement, but providing a platform for tactile awareness, slowing things down, and to hopefully wear our opponent down over time.

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Officially Public, New Blog Address

January 16, 2014

Fingers of fury typing away at:

New Blog Coming Soon

January 16, 2014

Yes, a new Jiu-Jitsu blog exists.

Have informed a couple of friends I was writing again, but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do fiscally with content yet.

I enjoyed this blog while posting here, but feel 20% was decent content and 80% garbage. Where I’ll give myself credit is at least it was honest garbage!

Regardless, 2010-2013 is dead and gone, and needed fresh reams of paper.

To the new blog, good writing stands gloriously on its own, so one thing I hope to have less of is pictures and youtube videos. I broke one rule by posting a youtube video already, but you gotta start somewhere.

More important, less personal babble more Jiu-Jitsu!

Currently hammering out the final pieces. More to come soon.

Moving Foward Cont.

December 30, 2013

2) Be in a process. The nature of process is never knowing what comes next. Hopefully, within these three years you can see a person growing as both a writer and BJJ practitioner. I do think such things have carry-over to our personal lives, but believe such growth occurs organically. Doing BJJ to make yourself a better person means you’re coming from a lack. Art is not about lack, but a vehicle for letting what’s already there continually flower and bloom.

3) Be yourself. There is an impersonal soul connecting us all, and a soul exponentially more individual and personal than a fingerprint. Believe in what you were born with. Learn from others, but touch the world in a way only you can.

4) Look for underlying principles and ideas. Academically, this can takes hours and hours of study, and sometimes it doesn’t. Insights are fickle creatures. Regardless, principle-based understandings are the foundation of wisdom within a craft. Sometimes it’s smart to copy outright, and other times you’ll need to create from the ground up.

5) Enjoy yourself. Reading this post means you were graced with another day. A day in which to give and take, rise and fall, and if you’re lucky enough, do something you love. =)

Looking Back And Moving Foward

December 30, 2013

Man, this stuff just seems old to me!

I’ve been asked by a few of you to keep writing, and well, part of that is missing the message/anti-message.

So…in the spirit of the above…here are a few general guidelines:

1) Bare your soul.  Only the blind buy the black-belt, guru-dude show.  It took me a couple of years to embrace this idea, which is, as all good things are, multi-layered.  That is, be angry when you’re angry, but don’t wallow in it.  Riding those emotions and being honest about it is the writing equivalent of leverage in BJJ.


See You On The Mat

August 29, 2013

batman r.i.p.

Pretty Dialed

August 27, 2013

…not sure how much I’ll be posting for a while, as I’m pretty dialed into getting better.

Will have some fun ideas to share I’m sure when I get some downtime in, and will try to write about the best ones even though they are sometimes the toughest to share. Who knows…lol

The Third Eye

August 24, 2013

Just spent over an hour wrestling with a buddy and feel naked not having recorded it for study.

The idea behind film is how things look are usually going to be a little different from how they feel (reminded of a college experience where I was spittin made game at this girl for 10 minutes or so until she informed me she couldn’t understand I was saying).

Take advantage of anything that can enhance your ability as a scientist.

Brain On Fire Right Now

August 21, 2013

It’s funny that when the brain is on Jiu-Jitsu fire this blog is absolutely dead in terms of views. Not that I care, as part of me would like to keep these ideas to myself!

At this point just trying to hang on for the ride as fresh routes come hither. Later dudes!:

Reps: Technical vs. Live

August 21, 2013

The goal of a technical rep is to go as slow as possible with the intention of getting every detail solid, piece by piece. This process can obviously take time, as we’re teaching ourselves correct body mechanics from the inside out.

Live reps are done at sparring speed AFTER you’ve spent time researching efficient technique and have the body mechanics down via technique oriented reps above.

I probably wouldn’t assign any number or time oriented figures to technical training. If anything you want to get as few reps in as possible.

Once you feel you have a decent understanding though, it makes sense to challenge yourself with time and numbers provided good form is maintained throughout the movement.