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Hide and seek

August 21, 2010

Another little something for my friend Katie…=)

I talk a lot about goals on this blog, and what they are in my opinion is an adult way of getting back in touch with our personal sense of fun.  Believe it or not, us adults not only forget to play, we forget what we most enjoy playing with! 

Double dratz-o!

Disasters of this proportion happen when we make things more important than love and laughter.

The happy part is play is as natural to us as breathing, so play and joy dance back into our awareness when we relax even just a tiny bit.  It’s always there, but we can chase it away by believing things that aren’t true (like there are more important things than love and laughter *ha, ha*). 

Even this can be fun though, because it’s like a game of hide and seek.

Another one of the things we make up that isn’t true is the idea of death. 

A body has a lifespan yes, but a mistake we often make is thinking that the skin, hands, feet, and toes we wiggle are ours when they are actually borrowed.  So in essence, all those cool fingers, that funny belly-button, and silly nose are like a Halloween costume we get to play in for awhile.

What we actually are is awareness, which means we have the ability to experience what it is to wear a body.  Said another way, we aren’t our eyes, we are what looks through them.



Last dance video… …I promise!

August 2, 2010

It’s my blog right!?  So there if I want to use it to thank a really cool person! ;o)



Katie, you artwork made me feel like well…


So, this is my way of saying thanks!  Hope you enjoy. =)

PS The song is ‘Dance Floor’ by Zapp and Roger Troutman