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My first love (cards a Christmas present from Katie)

December 30, 2010

I can’t remember what came first, baseball cards or magic?  Although I played sports growing up, magic was the first art/skill I loved for the sake of itself.  I never really understood how or what to practice and prioritize, but was enthralled with this world all the same.

What I’ve come to understand and teach in BJJ is you don’t do cool things, you get to do cool things.  Loving what you do is always more than enough.  Nobody cares how good some one is in the most intimate (which is to say magical) spaces.

Thanks for these cards Katie!! *everlasting hugs*


Competition in practice

December 22, 2010

‘Everything is practice.’  ~Pele (soccer legend)


Practice is where you improve individual skills. That’s the whole purpose of a sparring session in my opinion.  Have a plan, then work the plan.

You’re reviewing, refining, gathering, and assimilating information. It’s process of nuturing knowledge, not a competiton.