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Moving Foward Cont.

December 30, 2013

2) Be in a process. The nature of process is never knowing what comes next. Hopefully, within these three years you can see a person growing as both a writer and BJJ practitioner. I do think such things have carry-over to our personal lives, but believe such growth occurs organically. Doing BJJ to make yourself a better person means you’re coming from a lack. Art is not about lack, but a vehicle for letting what’s already there continually flower and bloom.

3) Be yourself. There is an impersonal soul connecting us all, and a soul exponentially more individual and personal than a fingerprint. Believe in what you were born with. Learn from others, but touch the world in a way only you can.

4) Look for underlying principles and ideas. Academically, this can takes hours and hours of study, and sometimes it doesn’t. Insights are fickle creatures. Regardless, principle-based understandings are the foundation of wisdom within a craft. Sometimes it’s smart to copy outright, and other times you’ll need to create from the ground up.

5) Enjoy yourself. Reading this post means you were graced with another day. A day in which to give and take, rise and fall, and if you’re lucky enough, do something you love. =)


Looking Back And Moving Foward

December 30, 2013

Man, this stuff just seems old to me!

I’ve been asked by a few of you to keep writing, and well, part of that is missing the message/anti-message.

So…in the spirit of the above…here are a few general guidelines:

1) Bare your soul.  Only the blind buy the black-belt, guru-dude show.  It took me a couple of years to embrace this idea, which is, as all good things are, multi-layered.  That is, be angry when you’re angry, but don’t wallow in it.  Riding those emotions and being honest about it is the writing equivalent of leverage in BJJ.