Shortcuts to quality…

Real or imagined it seems to me that people for some reason or other seek shortcuts to quality BJJ.

The theory I have behind this, is BJJ isn’t competitive the same way football and basketball are in that you don’t have massive amounts of kids competing for a tiny number of college scholarships, and if lucky, later to try out for the coveted few professional positions.  Since there are way more kids playing football than BJJ, you have by comparison a tiny talent pool, which leaves a lot of room for misinformation on progression.

Even my own coach would agree that he knows relatively little about BJJ and getting the most out of his students than Oregon football coach Chip Kelly knows about football and increasing performance.  Again, this isn’t the lack of my coaches ability so much as the competitive bar being on a different radar.

Time spent looking for shortcuts along the above competitive continuum, is essentially time spent away from doing the work that’s going to give one the edge, so you don’t have much thinking along the this line.  Especially if you lack physical gifts and rely on being a thinking man or woman’s athlete.

Having a coach, listening to your coach, and putting in the work is both the starting point and path.


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