Transcending ego through competition?

Read a friends blog yesterday on the subject of confronting the ego through competition…

The problem with this is, ego is the make-believe crap we tell ourselves, usually based on the assumption that self-worth is somewhere ‘out there’ in world.  ‘Do more, be more,’ is a game you can’t win by design.  The messed up thing is, you’re the one dangling the carrot.

If a person subscribes to such ideas that’s fine, but such thinking turns a study of the weak overcoming the strong through body mechanics, leverage, timing, and sensitivity into a soap opera.

As in sparring, competition rolls can make one worse.  You might get more comfortable in competitive contexts, but if the commitment to quality and detail isn’t there in practice, good luck!

Enjoy the gift of having enough sound mind and to work and think.  It’s not whether you achieve the dream, but that you can dream.


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